C.A.R (Construction All Risk) Insurance

As a project manager, you basically have to see the future. Your high-level vision and planning skills help your clients grow without sacrificing organization. If you get caught up in the future of your clients’ businesses and ignore the future of your company, you may not notice obstacles until it’s too late.

Construction All Risk Insurance is used to cover all kind of construction projects (residential buildings, commercial buildings, roads, bridges, dams, power supply, mining etc.) against losses, damages and liability due to/ arising out of major perils for a time period consistent with construction duration, the war and terror attacks is an exception of the policy where it can still be covered by an extra premium. The main factors contributing to the premium calculation are; cost of project, sum insured, nature of project, period of project, location and period of testing.

Sections of coverage:

  • Project own damage
  • Plant & Machineries
  • Furniture, Fixtures & Offices
  • Third Party Liability
  • Terrorism & War