Who We Are

Khair Khaw International Insurance - KII is a subsidiary company for the Khair Khaw Group of Companies established and licensed in 2019.

It provides a range of high quality, standardized, affordable and resilient general insurance services. Our clients consist of government entities, private sector, NGO’s, civil societies, political parties, families and individuals all over the globe with more focus in Afghanistan. KII products, designed and adjusted according to customers’ requirements and international standards. Our team consists of well-known domestic and international experts having decades of background in the field. They are well aware of Afghanistan’s context; difficulties, challenges and opportunities.

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Our Services

Health Insurance

Better health is central to human happiness and well-being. KII provides a variety of Health Insurance Plans for individuals...

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Vehicle Insurance

High traffic density, nonstandard roads and lower culture of traffic obedience in Afghanistan, will oppose your car to a high level...

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Travel Insurance

Enjoy your journey with peace of mind! Our Travel Insurance Policy covers losses due to unforeseen events occurred during your travelling...

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Property Insurance

The main risk of operating a business without any cover is that you will lose money. This may be through replacing or repairing damaged...

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P.T.P.L Insurance

Accidents can happen in any business. Therefore, you need to decide how you’ll handle these roadblocks before they’re at your doorstep...

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W.C Insurance

Workmen's Compensation protects the organization from the threat of expensive lawsuits and large compensation payouts. This policy...

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Aviation Insurance

If you work in aviation sector or simply have an interest in the subject, have you ever wondered how different risks can be managed? Risks can...

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Cargo / Marin Insurance

Businesses make money by selling products. If your business imports or exports its products, you’re investing in your company every time...

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C.A.R Insurance

As a project manager, you basically have to see the future. Your high-level vision and planning skills help your clients grow without...

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Claim Handling Procedure

Our claimants’ satisfaction is at the top of our priority list, for realization of this goal, we have simplified claim procedure, developed online claim mechanism and always strive to handle claims as quick as possible.

Since establishment of Khair Khwa Medical Complex we have been engaged in provision of Healthcare Insurance Service to a variety of national and international organizations such as UN organizations, FMIC, ANIC, ICA etc.